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The most important 6000 words for anyone who wants to establish himself in the Italian language and learn how to pronounce the words


Free application to teach Italian words if you want to memorize common Italian words easily and quickly.

This is the app you need! With flashcards to memorize words and vocabulary games, learning Italian is easier than before, from now on you will not have any difficulty in memorizing words. Download the application and then choose the category of Italian words you want.

The application will remind you of one word every day from the category you chose! Thus, you can memorize Italian words without forgetting. In the word cards, you can access the word, meaning, and explanation in both Italian and Arabic.

It is not easy to increase your vocabulary. You usually start forgetting the words you learned after a short time. And for this reason comes the importance of games that strengthen your vocabulary. The application is a developer of Italian vocabulary without the Internet. A tool for learning Italian at a distance. Regardless of your age and needs, you can use the application as an Italian vocabulary developer. It is designed to teach Italian for beginners and advanced and to teach Italian to children and adults.

There are several categories including Beginner, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced. In addition, you can find other sections such as the most used words section, words for business and money, medical terms for doctors, words for school students and children. All these kinds of different vocabulary are waiting for you. You can start learning Italian from scratch or from your current level. You need to download this app right away.

The most important 6000 words
You can listen to the pronunciation of the word in the application, regardless of the category you choose, you can learn the pronunciation and meaning of words easily. And since it is difficult to learn the pronunciation of the word, we have developed a feature that enables you to listen to the pronunciation on the application screen. You can listen and repeat as much as you want, and thus you can memorize Italian words with sound.

The app is a great helper with its rich Italian vocabulary package. After you start using this application, it will be very easy for you to solve crossword puzzles and have fun solving puzzles. You will develop your Italian vocabulary with the application that you can use as a notepad for Italian words. You can check what you have learned by taking Italian language tests designed for your own level.

The most important 6000 words in the Italian language
In order to see the meaning of the Italian word in the application, all you have to do is click on the word itself. So you can see the Arabic meaning of the word. If you are looking for a fun and educational Italian word game

Download the app now. Strengthen your Italian language without the Internet. Take advantage of the rich vocabulary basket. Learn Italian expressions and words easily. You will not forget the words you learned because the application will remind you of the words from one to twelve times a day. And so you learn one word every day. And if you want, you can get these word reminders weekly through your email.

Download the application click here



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