The best accurate Italian Arabic dictionary with advanced technology and without the Internet


We offer you the best Italian Arabic translator with sound, base and example of the word in Italian.

Italian-Arabic-Italian dictionary is accurate in meanings and is considered one of the most accurate dictionaries that support the Arabic language. This dictionary only gives several meanings, but adds the meaning of the verb or word in other syllables. This is one of the features of this dictionary that distinguishes it from other dictionaries

There is a saying that all beginnings are difficult, and the problem is that when we begin to learn a new language, we look at the task as a whole, and it seems to us that we will be crushed under its weight; Because we have to learn so many things. How are we going to learn all of this?

This prevents many from trying. They never start; Because the task seems impossible. This applies to language learning as well as other aspects of life. The best approach one should take is to divide the study time into short periods and set oneself some goals.

Teach yourself When you learn Italian the quick and easy way, you must educate yourself. This may seem like a strange concept; How can you teach yourself something you don’t know? Shouldn’t you find yourself a teacher who knows the language?

You decide how you will learn, and what the materials will be. Here is what I mean by being a teacher yourself You can take the advice of others, but the decision is up to the teaching methods that you will use You will not only learn the language by following one curriculum, but you will use a few methodologies at the same time, and instead of making Your way With one textbook or one language course, you will use as many textbooks and as many other language aids as possible.

You must choose the level you want to reach; This is your long-term goal. The level you want to reach will primarily depend on why you want to learn the language. If you are just traveling on a lightning business trip, you may only need

Learn the basics.
You’ll be amazed at what you can learn in a few weeks or a month. Your knowledge of the language can make a huge difference in the personal benefit you will get from this visit.

If you are studying the language to pass a test, your goals will be different. In fact, your college or exam will set your goals for you.

People prefer to learn the language as best as possible, each according to his circumstances. As circumstances change, we often have to change our goals; You find many people after learning the basics of a particular language who want to learn that language better, and they continue their studies for a long time after achieving their main goal.

set a goal
When you set goals, it’s always a good idea to set yourself a deadline. For example: I want to be able to have a conversation in basic Italian by the end of September You might say to yourself I want to be able to speak Italian by the end of this year because if your time limits are not very clear or limiting, you will most likely never reach your goal . If you are using a program

To teach the language make your goals specific; Many language courses divide their learning materials into small portions that are recalled daily. Then you can pre-determine exactly how long it will take to finish studying.

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