An application that contains a huge amount of Italian-Arabic phrases and vocabulary


Learn the Italian language as quickly as possible with the largest and largest application to teach the Italian language, which will help you learn Italian.

The application contains a huge number of vocabulary, phrases and even conversations. Learn to speak the Italian language with this application that gives you the phrases of speech in different cases and places that you need and need to talk in the Italian language and the necessary sentences to speak in Italian with translation

Useful sentences for real situations. Memorizing hundreds of words is not the way to go when it comes to learning Italian. The app teaches you Italian vocabulary by introducing you to essential words and phrases. The app breaks the learning process into short lessons and puts them into groups under different categories. Learn Italian conversation.

Conversation is of course the main reason for these free lessons. It will help you build a basic Italian vocabulary with widely used nouns and verbs, and speak Italian clearly.

You must first choose the appropriate environment for memorizing vocabulary in order to make memorization easy and fast, and this means choosing a quiet environment away from any distraction, and people may differ in choosing the appropriate environment for them, although most prefer a quiet environment, but some people perform better in the general environment, Therefore, preparing for the appropriate environment for each person is the first step to start memorizing and studying well.

Organize notes
All notes and information to be memorized should be divided and placed in different groups related to each other, as this is an ideal way for learners visually, and important information can be identified in multiple colors, this will help the student to memorize words quickly and easily Summarizing: During reading, each paragraph must be summarized in the margin Then think about things that have been read, paraphrase, and learn them again.

Study in stages The student can facilitate the process of words by distributing and dividing the material into sections that he studies over several days (from one to two weeks), each day specifying a period of time ranging from forty-five minutes to a full hour in which he studies and masters a specific part of the material

Read the vocabulary you must memorize
Read the vocabulary that you must memorize first so that you have an overview and main ideas of the topics before storing them in your mind. ,

Then understand the meaning of the text and link the words together in your mind and after you make sure you understand them, repeat the words twice orally by looking at them out loud, not silent, and then repeat them orally by heart once or twice, after that write them on a paper by heart to make sure that they are fixed in your mind, if you make sure you memorize Go to the information that follows, and if you forget some things, go back and repeat them again, and repeat this process with all the vocabulary and paragraphs that you divided.

Download the application click here


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