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A book that explains the rules of the Italian language from scratch in Arabic, very important and foundational


Learn Italian grammar easily with this wonderful book, it simplifies Italian grammar for all levels

This book is considered a start to learn Italian grammar for all educational levels and for anyone who wants to learn Italian grammar without a teacher. This book contains most of the Italian rules that enable you to become a professional Italian grammar. This book is equipped with fun pictures to facilitate learning Italian grammar, Arabic explanation, Italian grammar book, Arabic explanation It makes you master all the rules of the Italian language to pass and qualifies you to pass international language tests

Grammar lessons This section is the essence of the book and the indispensable basis for learning the Italian language because without grammar lessons you will not be able to learn this language on its origins and its correct academic form

Here, we have provided lessons covering all topics from the level of Italian letters to very advanced levels of the language. The information has been presented gradually in order to facilitate its comprehension. All lessons have been explained in detail and in a simplified manner for the benefit of the student and the amateur alike.

Italian Grammar
Learning the grammar and the rules of pronunciation should help you understand the rules of your language Knowing the rules of pronunciation means that you can read and repeat the word. If you don’t know the word but know how to pronounce it, the types of textbooks you should look for are those with chapters or short lessons,

It should contain a section for short reading paragraphs to clarify the grammar and vocabulary in the lesson, and each lesson should cover no more than three grammar points; Otherwise, you will be frustrated with the amount of information that you find that you have to learn. You should learn the grammar rules so that you can understand them.

The best grammar explanations are those that are found throughout the text and are explained when you need to explain them. It is good that at the end of the book there is a section on grammar, there is a list of synonyms on the page for all the new words.

Many language textbooks seem to feel they are doing you a favor when they make it difficult for you to find the meaning of a word you don’t know; They either put the vocabulary at the end of the book, or they don’t put it at all, expecting you to search for the meaning of the word.

Features an Italian grammar book
The book for learning Italian language grammar ranges in examples from difficulty to ease to suit all levels
Advanced Grammar section to master Italian Grammar
What is new is that Italian language tests have been added
Italian language tests enable you to pass most of the tests in grammar
Italian tests are carefully selected so that you master the rules of the Italian language
The book for learning the Italian language contains first the simple Italian rules suitable for all educational stages and teaching Italian children also simply the Italian rules

Download the book click here



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