Learn German from the movies … But pay attention first! The most important information that you should not lose sight of in this regard is that there is very tight control over the downloading of films in Germany, and the violation can reach 1000 euros and more, and therefore it is necessary to be careful even in sites that present themselves as direct viewing sites Streaming, some of which depend on the technology of partial downloading of the movie, and this may expose the viewer to violations of its high costs.

As for YouTube, there are many channels that offer films in German, but most of them are not legal and can be deleted at any time, but there are series through which the student can learn the German language, and we mention here the best of them, which is the Deutsch Plus series that the British BBC produced before For several years, and although it is old, it is excellent, and the student can benefit from it excellently,

especially since the hero is a young Romanian who is doing a professional training in a German channel and faces many problems, and for those who do not want to watch long episodes, you can watch a series such as Jojo sucht das Glück who Deutsche Welle channel worked on it and the episode does not exceed 3 minutes, but what distinguishes it is that the student can solve a set of questions for each episode after watching.

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