Download the German language learning program for beginners for free


Learn German is an easy and fun application by which you can teach the German language without effort or fatigue, as the German language is used in Germany, Austria and part of Switzerland in addition to other parts of Europe and North America, and therefore it is an important language, especially for people who immigrated To these countries because of study, work, humanitarian or political asylum.

In this article, the most important features of the application of studying the German language from scratch will be explained. If you live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you will need to learn the German language in order to communicate with people, get a job, buy important things, and ride taxis, trains or airplanes as well as you can apply. With requests to obtain residency, citizenship, or any of the official matters in Germany or other German-speaking countries.

The application is from FunEasyLearn programming, which provides many applications such as English language learning program, Turkish language learning program, Swedish language learning program, and many important languages.

Link to download the German language program on Android, click here

The link to download the German language application the App Store, click here


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